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Master key Talend concepts with CertZip Talend for Data Integration and Big data and upskill your knowledge and technological skill in the field.

Course Description

This Talend certification course is designed to assist you in learning how to use Talend Open Studio to simplify Big Data Integration. This course is entirely immersive. Register in this Talend online class and be a skilled Talend certified developer

Talend Certification training will enable you to evolve into a Talend professional. It will shine your mastery by delivering an extensive understanding of ETL Processes and Big Data integration with Talend and the needed experience for decoding real-time industry-based data integration and big data projects.

Business Analysts Data Warehousing Professionals Data Analysts Solution & Data Architects System Administrators Software Engineers.

There are no prerequisites for learning the Talend course in general. Knowledge of Data Warehousing will be helpful.

Talend is an ETL tool for Data Integration. It provides software solutions for data preparation, data quality, application integration, data management, and big data. Talend has a separate product for all these solutions, and data integration and big data products are widely used.

Talend is considered the next generation leader in the cloud and Big Data integration software. It assists businesses in informing real-time judgments and evolving better data-driven. Utilizing this technology, data becomes more available, its quality improves, and it can be pushed fast to the target systems.

Talend is a software integration medium that supplies answers for Data Integration, Data Quality, Data management, Data Preparation, and Big Data.

What you'll learn

  • In this course, you will learn: Basic Transformations in Talend Big Data and Hadoop with Talend Hive in Talend Pig and Kafka in Talend and more.


  • Basic knowledge of Data Warehousing; otherwise, there are no requirements to learn Talend.


In this module, you will get an overview of ETL Technologies and the reason why Talend is referred as the next Generation Leader in Big Data Integration. You will be introduced to various products offered by Talend Corporation till date and its relevance to Data Integration and Big Data. Further, you will learn about the TOS (Talend Open Studio), its Architecture, GUI, and how to install TOS.

Working with ETL
Rise of Big Data
Part of Open Source ETL Technologies in Big Data
Comparison with other market leader tools in ETL domain
Importance of Talend (Why Talend)
Talend and its Products
Introduction of Talend Open Studio
TOS for Data Integration
GUI of TOS with Demo

In this module of Talend ETL course, you will learn to work with various types of Data Source, Target Systems supported by Talend, Metadata and how to read/write from popular CSV/Delimited file and fixed width file. Connect to a Database and read/write/update data and read complex source system like Excel and XML along with some of the basic components like tLog, tMap using TOS.

Launching Talend Studio
Working with different workspace directories
Working with projects
Creating and executing jobs
Connection types and triggers
Most repeatedly utilized Talend components [tJava, tLogRow, tMap]
Read & Document Different Types of Source/Target Systems
Working with files [CSV, XLS, XML, Positional]
Working with databases [MySQL DB]
Metadata management

In this module, you will understand Data Mapping and Transformations using TOS. In addition, you will learn how to filter and join various Data Sources using lookups and search and sort through them.

Context Variables
Using Talend components
Accessing employment level/ component-level details within the job
SubJob (using tRunJob, tPreJob, tPostJob)

In this module, you will learn about Big Data and Hadoop concepts, such as HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) Architecture, MapReduce, leveraging Big Data through Talend and Talend & Big Data Integration. Learn to set up and use the Talend Open Studio for Big Data. In addition, you will learn to use Big Data connectors in TOS (Talend offers some 800+ connectors for Big Data environment) and access Hadoop Ecosystem from Talend.

Big Data and Hadoop
HDFS and MapReduce
Benefits of using Talend with Big Data
Integration of Talend with Big Data
HDFS commands Vs Talend HDFS utility
Big Data setup using Hortonworks Sandbox on your personal computer
Explaining the TOS for Big Data Environment

In this module of Talend Certification Training, you will learn Hive concepts and the setup of Hive environment in Talend. You will learn how to use Hive Big Data connectors in TOS and implement Use Cases using Hive in Talend.

Hive and It’s Architecture
Connecting to Hive Shell
Set connection to Hive database using Talend
Develop Hive Managed and external tables through Talend
Load and Process Hive data using Talend
Transform data from Hive using Talend

In this module of Talend ETL Training, you will learn the PIG concepts, the setup of Pig Environment in Talend and Pig Big Data connectors in TOS for Big Data and implement Use Cases using Pig in Talend. Also, you will be given an insight of Apache Kafka, its architecture, and integration with Talend through a real-life use case.

Pig Environment in Talend
Pig Data Connectors
Integrate Personalized Pig Code into a Talend job
Apache Kafka
Kafka Components in TOS for Big data

In this module of Talend Training, you will be developing a Project using Talend DI and Talend BD with MySQL, Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Pig, and Kafka.

understand the Transformation and various steps involved in the looping job of Talend, ways to search files in a directory and how to process them in a sequence.

Different features of file management (like tFileList, tFileAchive, tFileTouch, file delete)
Error Handling [tWarn, tDie]
Type Casting (convert datatypes among source-target platforms)
Looping components (like the top, to reach)
Utilizing FTP components (like tFTPFileList, tFTPFileExists, tFTPGet, tFTPPut)
Exporting and Importing Talend jobs
How to plan and run Talend DI jobs externally (using Command line)
Parameterizing a Talend job from the command line


Edtia Support Team is for a lifetime and will be open 24/7 to assist with your questions during and after the completion of the talend certification training.

Benefits Talend for Big data Hadoop Improve the efficiency of the big data job design by arranging and configuring it in a graphical interface. Adds data quality, scalability, and management functions. MapReduce feature allows faster parallel data processing. Shared Repository and remote deployment.

Talend is an open-source means that drives it easily accessible. Manual coding is required for Map Reduce Jobs for processing Big-Data in Hadoop, while in Talend, the entire task can be fast done with a simple drag and drop of a component.

The average salary of a Talend Software Architect is $137k

Talend is an open-source data integration platform. It provides various software and services for data integration, management, enterprise application integration, data quality, cloud storage, and Big Data.

It has an excellent scope for the future. Talend Enterprise presents leading open source and commercial versions of ETL software. These tools are future-proof for your data architecture and are designed to forecast data load.

CertZip Support Team is for a lifetime and will be open 24/7 to assist with your questions during and after the completion of the talend certification training.

By enrolling in the talend certification training and completing the module, you can get the CertZip Talend certification

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Training Course Features


Every certification training session is followed by a quiz to assess your course learning.

Mock Tests
Mock Tests

The Mock Tests Are Arranged To Help You Prepare For The Certification Examination.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access

A lifetime access to LMS is provided where presentations, quizzes, installation guides & class recordings are available.

24x7 Expert Support
24x7 Expert Support

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For our learners, we have a community forum that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.


Successfully complete your final course project and CertZip will provide you with a completion certification.

Talend for Data Integration and Big data

A talend certification training is a certification that demonstrates that the holder has the proficiency and aptitudes needed to work with talent in DI.

Yes, Talend DI is an excellent technique to learn, which is as good as the Informatica tool.

Talend certification will make you a specialist on Talend concepts such as Talend Open Studio, data modeling, T Map, ETL methods, data propagation, etc. You will gain industry openness in Talend Training.

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