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Course Description

Learn the concept of google adword and analytics dashboard. Get qualified to become google certified after completing our instructor-led online course.

Google Analytics is a web analytics assistance that delivers statistics and essential analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The benefit is part of the Google Marketing Platform and is accessible to anyone with a Google account.

Google Analytics includes features that help users identify trends and patterns in visitors' engagement with their websites. Features enable data collection, analysis, monitoring, visualization, reporting, and integration with other applications.

Sixty-eight thousand six hundred three companies reportedly use Google Analytics in their tech stacks, including Uber, Airbnb, and Google.

It gives valuable insights that can be utilized to enhance the performance of the website and boost conversions. Even though so many other analytics management platforms, Google Analytics remains a free, highly relevant solution for managing your website's analytics.

Google Analytics helps you keep track of all the content that receives views and shares. With this data, you can enhance the top viewed blogs to more productively appeal to customers. Google Analytics causes a breakdown of the page views each of your blog posts receives.

Google Analytics is used to track website activity such as session duration, pages per session, the bounce rate of individuals using the site, and the information on the traffic source.

There are many web analytic tools you can use to collect website data, the most popular and free version that websites can use is Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to track and understand your customer's behavior, user experience, online content, device functionality, etc.

What you'll learn

  • In this course, you will learn: Social Media Analytics, Conversions & Ecommerce Analytics, Mobile App Analytics, Google Analytics and more


  • Basic knowledge of internet functioning and internet terminologies like cookies, tracking mechanisms, etc.


In this module, you'll learn the basics of web analytics, you'll know about the various types of analytical tools and the specific solutions they are used for. You'll learn the various types of websites and how measurement plan changes with the type of website. You'll also learn how segmentation helps in data analysis.

Web Analytics Overview
Web Analytics History
Analytics Products & Categories
Website Categorization
Case Studies
Analysis techniques

In this module, you will learn the basics of google analytics, you'll learn about the importance of various dimensions & metrics and how they can impact your website. You will also learn about the important KPIs which are needed to be analysed for a healthy web performance. we'll deep dive into how to setup your account and grant the permissions to other users.

Introduction to Google Analytics
Dimensions & Metrics
Setting up Google Analytics
Understanding Account
Properties & Views
Users & Permissions in Google Analytics

In this module, you will learn about important KPIs and integration of different tools such as google webmaster & google adwords with google analytics. You'll also get an overview of how these tools enhance your analysis by integration with google analytics and the important data that can be tracked and analysed

Sources & Mediums
Digital Marketing
Cost Models
Types of Channels
Integration of Google Analytics
Integration of Webmaster Tools

In this module you will learn about the audience reports and customer acquisition reports. You'll learn how to use regex expressions, the various combination of filters and parameters.

Audience Reports
Acquisition Reports
Search Options
Regular Expressions

In this module, you will learn more about user behavior parameters. Important KPIs for tech & products. You'll learn how to A/B test your hypothesis and new products in google analytics

Behavior Reports
Site Content
Site Search

In this module, you will learn about conversions, goals & how to analyse your ecommerce sales & the impact of various factors such as audience segment, geography, demographics & marketing channels on it using multi channel funnel reports.

Conversions & Goals
Ecommerce Analytics
Multichannel Funnels

In this module, you will learn more about social parameters & KPIs being tracked in Google Analytics & Facebook.

Facebook KPIs
Facebook console & parameters
Measurement of camapign effectiveness
Segmentation study of the campaign performance

In this module you will learn about the mobile app analytics. You will learn how to measure the success of various marketing campaigns & channels promoting your app download programs

Introduction to Mobile Apps Analytics
measuring & Analysing important KPIs


Track Online Traffic. Understand User Behavior. Offline to Online Tracking. Data Reports And Customization. Improve Online Advertising With Marketing Analytics. Improve Search Engine Optimization And Content Marketing. Google Analytics Conversion Tracking. Find Your Target Audience.

To better understand the Google Analytics Certification Training, one must learn as per the curriculum.

Google Analytics presents an easy and free way to track and analyze visitors to your website. You could have thousands or even millions of visitors every month, but those visitors are practically meaningless if you don't know anything about them.

As almost anyone who runs a website knows, Google Analytics provides insight into site visitors and what they do when they come to a website. Marketers utilize Google Analytics to comprehend the effects of marketing campaigns and how a site's user experience impacts factors such as conversion and retention.

Google Analytics includes features that help users identify trends and patterns in visitors' engagement with their websites. Features enable data collection, analysis, monitoring, visualization, reporting, and integration with other applications.

Google Analytics is easy to figure out for even the greenest of new website owners, and it provides you with loads of valuable information. Here's a sampling of some of the tool's most important benefits.

CertZip Support Team is for a lifetime and will be available to help with your questions during and after completing the Google Analytics Certification Training.

By enrolling in Google Analytics and completing the module, you can get the CertZip Google Analytics Training Certification.

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Training Course Features


Every certification training session is followed by a quiz to assess your course learning.

Mock Tests
Mock Tests

The Mock Tests Are Arranged To Help You Prepare For The Certification Examination.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access

A lifetime access to LMS is provided where presentations, quizzes, installation guides & class recordings are available.

24x7 Expert Support
24x7 Expert Support

A 24x7 online support team is available to resolve all your technical queries, through a ticket-based tracking system.


For our learners, we have a community forum that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.


Successfully complete your final course project and CertZip will provide you with a completion certification.

Mastering Google Analytics

Google Analytics Training demonstrates that the holder has the proficiency and aptitudes to work with Google Analytics.

You'll gain in-depth insight into Google Analytics to help you nicely comprehend your website data. Plus, your Certification allows you to become a qualified web analyst for your company. All these benefits will enable you to learn your SEO campaign better and produce more beneficial results for your business.

If you're ready for a career in a stable and high-paying field, Google Analytics might be proper for you, and this Certification is the place to start.

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