Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training

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Master Salesforce Platform by enrolling in CertZip'S Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training and upskill your knowledge and technological skill in data science.

Course Description

This course will make you an expert in writing business logic and customizing applications programmatically using Apex code and Visualforce UI framework on the platform. Become a certified Salesforce Platform Developer after completing Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification training.

Salesforce Platform is a collaborative service that provides developers with the ability to create and deploy cloud-based apps. It contains hardware stacks, software, and capabilities for integration with exterior applications, and it processes over 4 billion trades for over 150,000 clients per day.

Siebel and other CRM products professionals Functional consultants Freshers Lateral developers who have worked in Java, mainframe, C# are looking for a boost to their career from the legacy platform.

Knowledge on SQL, HTML and JavaScript

Platform developers/engineers usually are accountable for creating and making commercial applications and building, configuring, and deploying web and mobile applications for location-based services, social networking, big data processing, and other services.

Salesforce CRM supports thousands of institutions worldwide to determine new possibilities, drive marketing campaigns, manage and utilize customer data, and improve (internal and external) communications. Finally, it helps them improve their decision-making ability and operate more robust business growth.

There is a massive demand for Salesforce-specific skills, and this is why the creation of 3.3 million new jobs is predicted in the Salesforce economy shortly.

What you'll learn

  • In this course, you will learn: Data Management in SFDC APEX Programming Lightning Framework Data Manipulation Language and more.


  • There is no requirement to pursue this course. Knowledge of Programming Skills, Analytical Skills, Communication Skills would be helpful.


know about Cloud computing concepts, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS – Service model, Public, Private, Community, and Hybrid Cloud models, Salesforce Platform and its different development tools.

Service and Deployment models in the Cloud
Market situation
Cloud Ownership
Introduction to SF1 and Platform
Declarative & Programmatic Options in
Meta-data Driven Architecture
Multi-tenant Architecture
Business and IT benefits
Application Development Tools in Salesforce
AppExchange as Application Development Strategy
Finding and Navigating Salesforce Documentation
Understanding Salesforce Trust
Navigation through Setup Menu
Access Developer Console
Access and Navigate Salesforce Documentation

know about the data modelling on the Salesforce Platform and how to work with standard and custom objects.

Standard and Custom objects
Custom fields
Relationship fields
Formula fields
Roll-up summary fields
Junction Object
Workflows and Process Builder
Custom Objects
Custom Fields
Relationship Fields
Schema Builder
Formula and Summary Fields
Validation Rules
Workflow Rules
Lightning Process Builder

Discover import and export data on the Salesforce Platform.

Data Management in Salesforce
Data Import Wizard and Data Loader
Import Data
Export Data
Data export wizard
Data Import Wizard and Data Loader
Import Data
Export Data
Data export wizard

know about Apex Programming Language and different Apex Governor Limits.

APEX Introduction
APEX Classes and Triggers
Apex Development Process
Apex Development tools
Using IDE and Developer Console
Apex Governor Limits
Installing IDE
Creating Projects in IDE
Developer Console

Learn basic building blocks of Apex Programming Language.

Overview of Apex Data Types
Primitive Data Types
sObject Data Types
Enum Data Types
Collections Data Types
Apex Operators
Apex Control Statements
Executing Apex Programs
Primitive Data Types and Debug Statement
sObject and Enum Data Type
Controlling Statements & Looping Statements

Understand various ideas of object-oriented programming in Apex.

Apex Classes
Access Modifiers
Apex Class Constructors
Apex Class Variables and Methods
Inheritance, Sharing, and Interface
'This' keyword
Accessing Apex Class
System Classes and Methods
Creating Apex Class

Understand sObject relationships and how to perform data querying on the Salesforce Platform.

Standard Object and Field API Names
Relationships in Apex
SOQL Function, SOQL Bindings and SOQL For Loops
Processing SOQL Query Output
Dynamic Query Creation
Relationship Query and its Types
SOSL Query and its Implementation
Relationship While Creating an Object
Relationship Names in Schema Explorer
SOQL and SOSL Queries

learn about Data Manipulation Language and transaction control.

Data Manipulation Language
Loops in DML
Database.DML Options
Transaction Control
Ways to invoke DML Operations
Invoking DML Operations
Handling DML Errors
DML Statements
Invoking DML Methods

Discover how to create Apex Triggers on the Salesforce Platform.

Apex Triggers and its Types
The Save order of Execution
Trigger Syntax and Events
Trigger Context Variables
Recursion in Triggers
Bulk Field Triggers
Trigger Helper Class Pattern
Lifecycle of Apex Transaction
Memory Cycle for Static Apex Variables
Working with Triggers

Understand the concepts of Exception Handling on the Salesforce Platform.

Exception Statements
System-Defined Exception
Exception Methods
Catching Different Exception Types
Custom or User-Defined Exception Handling
Debugging Using Debug Logs
Anonymous Blocks - Another Debugging Tool
Exception Handling
How to Set Up a Debug Log
How to Read Debug Logs
Learn to Set Up and View Debug Logs in the Developer Console
How to Use Anonymous Block

Discover how to implement testing methodologies in Apex to write error-free code along with testing best methods.

Apex Testing Framework
Write and run Apex Tests
Create Tests data
Running Test Units
Developer Console IDE
Testing Best Practices
Batch Testing
Efficient test code for DML and Query
Code Coverage
Running and executing Test classes

Understand the Application Development Lifecycle on the Salesforce platform and how to create Visualforce pages.

Application Development Lifecycle
Different Development Environments
Deployment - Migration of Applications and Components
Best Practices for Deployment
Introduction to Visualforce
Creating Visualforce Page
Launch Visualforce Page using Custom Button
Fetching Records in a Visualforce Page
Visualforce Best Practices
Visualforce Governor Limits and Security Concerns
Visualforce Strategies
Creating Sandbox
Creating Visualforce Pages

Know different controllers in Apex and their methods.

Controller Architecture
Controller Methods
Standard Controllers
Custom Controllers
Visualforce Controllers
Controller Extension
Controller Constructors
Deploying Controllers
Testing Controllers
Security Concerns in Controllers and Visualforce
Controller and Visualforce Integration
Page References
Action Methods, Getters, Setters and Properties
Using different Controllers

learn about the Lightning Component Framework.

Overview of Salesforce Lightning
Lightning Component Framework Structure
Benefits of Using Lightning Component Framework


Edtia Support Unit is available 24/7 to help with your queries during and after completing Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training.

You don't need to have a coding background to become a Salesforce Developer, making it a perfect career choice if you wish to launch your IT career without prior coding experience.

The average salary for a salesforce Platform developer is $117,840 per annum.

To better understand Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training, one must learn as per the curriculum.

Determining CRM needs, Developing customized solutions within the Salesforce platform, Designing, coding, and implementing Salesforce applications, Creating timelines and development goals, Testing the strength and functionality of the application.

The Salesforce Developer skillset in-demand roles within the ecosystem and was recently rated one of the best jobs in the world.

By enrolling in Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification course and completing the module, you can get CertZip Python Certification Training for Salesforce Platform Developer.

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Training Course Features


Every certification training session is followed by a quiz to assess your course learning.

Mock Tests
Mock Tests

The Mock Tests Are Arranged To Help You Prepare For The Certification Examination.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access

A lifetime access to LMS is provided where presentations, quizzes, installation guides & class recordings are available.

24x7 Expert Support
24x7 Expert Support

A 24x7 online support team is available to resolve all your technical queries, through a ticket-based tracking system.


For our learners, we have a community forum that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.


Successfully complete your final course project and CertZip will provide you with a completion certification.

Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training

You will receive Edtia Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training on completing live online instructor-led classes. After completing Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training course module, you will receive the certificate.

A Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training is a certification that verifies that the holder has the knowledge and skills required to work with CRM.

Yes, Access to the course material will be available for a lifetime once you have enrolled in the Edita Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training Certification Course.

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