Tips To Prepare For AWS Certified Solution Architect

AWS Solution Architect

A solution architect is an individual who has deep learning of the cloud architecture principles needed for the design and execution of scalable, dependable, and robust business solutions in the cloud. This certification demonstrates that you know how to design, create, operate, and deploy systems in the AWS cloud. This exam is fitted for prospects with a background in developing dispersed applications. Before taking this exam, you should know AWS security and compliance guidelines.

 Topics covered in the certification exam:

  • Network technologies in AWS Cloud, including composition and control.
  • Designing and deploying AWS-based applications and how client interfaces connect to AWS.
  • Building secure applications on AWS.
  • Deploying systems with on-premises data and AWS features 
  • Disaster recovery and data security.
  • AWS infrastructure and concepts.

Solutions Architect Path

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect – Professional


Learning Path 

Join an Online course

CertZip offers a wide variety of video courses, quizzes, and Hands-on Labs on different areas of cloud computing. These certifications help you get from where you are to where you want to go. Our AWS Solution Architect certification contains all the courses, labs, and quizzes you need to help you pass the AWS certification exam. 


AWS Certification Training from CertZip provides in-depth knowledge about its architectural principles and services. The sessions will be instructed by industry experts who will train you to learn AWS services to make the AWS infrastructure scalable, trustworthy, and approvingly known. This AWS online training is fully aligned with AWS Exam.

Solve Practice Tests

Mock tests have several benefits like:

1. They train you to solve problems in a limited amount of time, which is essential. 

2. Practice tests also help you consolidate and solidify your learning because your mind works when you answer the question. It recalls and analyzes concepts to answer the question, allowing you to remember the idea longer and understand it better.

3. Mock tests also help you to find out your preparation level. If you went for the examination and found that you can only score 50%, then you are not ready for the exam and need more study and practice. Similarly, they also enable you to specify your weak areas. 

Read AWS White Papers

Read White Papers and Case studies supplied by AWS. These are some of the most in-detailed and valuable ranges you will get on the internet. You can also read AWS documentation as it provides the most up-to-date information, which is undoubtedly an essential factor given that AWS is still evolving. There are many updates to catch up on.

Tips to Pass AWS Certifications

  1. Passing marks for the AWS Certified Solution architect exam alters daily. It could be 60% or 72%, but you should always prepare for 75% to pass the exam on the first attempt.
  2. Preparation time mostly depends on experience level. If you have some AWS experience under your belt, then 2–3 weeks of preparation is enough, but if you are a complete beginner to AWS, 4 to 6 weeks is a reasonable time.
  3. Hands-on lab exercises are necessary if you don't want to become a paper-certified AWS developer or solution architect. Everything you learn and earn via certification also needs a backup of hands-on experience. It's even more critical for people not actively working in AWS as part of their day job. In short, get a free AWS account open, try breaking things, and learn how to fix them.
  4. Solve as many practice questions as possible. This is, by far, the most important tip for me. Since you will appear for an exam where you need to solve questions in a limited time, you got to practice reading, understanding and solving those problems quickly.


That's all about how to pass the AWS solution architect exam. AWS Certifications, mainly the solution architect, are significant, and this gives you approval from the AWS and prepares you for your interviews and further work.

AWS Solution architect is also the most high-paying professional, with annual salaries ranging from $120,000 to $130,000. As more and more companies are moving towards the cloud, cloud developers and architects have a lot of opportunities.


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